Governing Through Change - Conference Theme

The last few years have created seismic shifts in almost every aspect of our daily lives. This changes thrust upon us have caused shifts in how we view and use technology, shifts in our expectations of one another and how we connect, and even in shifts in how we approach and view leadership. These shifts are not independent ideas to be dissected and studied, rather we must come to terms with the interdependence of this change, a concept well known to the Indigenous people of our land through the concept of “wahkotowin”, a Nehiyaw (Cree) concept that teaches us that “everything is related”.

The 2023 CUBA conference will focus on key changes taking place in the post-secondary sector, and beyond, that influence the future of governance of higher education. It is our conference goal to provide the information and tools needed for university board members, and the people that support them, to tackle the challenges ahead.

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